RAVENETTE TRIPS began actually when Sherry Lowrey became a member of Ravens Roost #56. The idea of going on an away trip with a whole group of Roost members was very appealing since Sherry was traveling to Ravens away games by herself or with one or two other people.

When Ravens Roost #56 started discussing which away game they would be traveling to in 2003, Sherry suggested going to Miami. The Roost had mostly taken a bus to an away game in the past, and Sherry suggested that airfare was relatively inexpensive and volunteered to take on the task of coming up with a package and price for the upcoming Miami game. Having a passion for organizing social gatherings, planning celebrations and get-togethers, Sherry was extremely excited to immediately start working on the trip. At the next Roost meeting she presented the package deal and the trip was about the same cost with airfare as it would be to take a bus to Cincinnati – so the Roost voted “We’re going to Miami”. Sherry became known as “Ravenette” and thusly began the 1st Ravenette Trip!Ravenette

Word spread throughout other Ravens Roosts and Ravens Nests about Ravenette’s trips and we are now carrying the tradition on the web.

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  1. Jim Gibson

    Hi Sherry,

    I spoke with you on the phone about the Ravens/Bucs game package. Could I please have your address so I can send you a check?



  2. Jeannie

    First off – GO RAVENS!! My daughter and I live in Orlando and are BIG Ravens fans. We are from Bel Air. She has been down here since 2008 and I since last year. During football season we are like cheap tricks going to all the bars down here to watch the games. Some guy tried to pick up my daughter during a game and she shut him down real fast, don’t interrupt a girl watching a game. When we heard about the Tampa game we jumped on it and have out tickets. I am hoping we could get in on your tailgating party. That would be so great to be around Ravens fans. Please let me if this is possible. Thanks, Jeannie

  3. Ruth Schanken

    Good evening.
    I talked with you earlier in the week. I am neighbor to Marta & Jim.
    Thank you for talking with me.
    We are not going to join in any of the Tampa activities this time.

    I would love to go on your email list for future activities.

    Also, do you have home Raven tickets available.
    No biggie, just thought I would ask.

    Take care & hope to maybe meet you in Tampa

  4. Mr Ted Aaron Greifzu

    Hi Sherry
    Looking forward to the Ravens/Bucs game

  5. Booth Ripke

    I wanted to get on your email list. We are making the trip to the Miami game in a few days and looking to buy tickets and/or a tailgate package. Thanks, Booth

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